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Hello, you’re beautiful!

Welcome to Beauty Foundations Clinic. 

You might be here because you want to invest in yourself, and we’re all for that. We offer a growing suite of services for luxurious beauty and wellness treatments.

Here at Beauty Foundations Clinic, we seek to help you find the inner beauty within. And that’s just the beginning. The relaxation, pampering and professional services that you receive when you visit the clinic is second-to-none. We treat every client with care and respect.

Our staff are fully trained experts in the services we provide and constantly undergo additional training to ensure that you are always met with the most up-to-date information on procedures.

Ana Milne

Ana is the owner of Beauty Foundations Clinic and a registered nurse specializing in aesthetics. Ana knows that beauty is not just about how people see you—it’s about how you see yourself.

At a very young age, Ana was exposed to the fashion and beauty industry due to her mother’s profession. She always saw how the personality of women would flourish when they felt confident about the way they look. She decided to become a nurse, which derived from her enjoyment of helping other people.

While in nursing school, Ana was diagnosed with Graves Disease. One of the many complications from Graves Disease is protrusion of the eye (exophthalmos). She didn’t realize it then, but she developed a more introverted personality. Ana noticed she had been avoiding to look people in the eyes and no longer felt comfortable socializing. Thankfully, the complication resolved itself over time and she came to the realization that her calling as a nurse was to help people become the best version of themselves.

After taking continuing education courses for the safe administration of neuro-modulators and dermal fillers, Ana became hungry for more knowledge. She has made it her mission to attend at least one course, conference or workshop peer month to learn more about everything pertaining to her industry. She does this so that she can provide her clients with the best care possible.


Dawn will occasionally answer your calls with a smile and ready to guide you with the best advice.


Heidi is here for all your laser needs. If you’ve had a laser appointment with us before, you know Heidi makes your appointment quick and painless. And who doesn’t love her bubbly personality!



Meet the newest addition to our growing team, medical aesthetician Arden! With a passion for beauty, wellness and everything in between, Arden has fresh, updated knowledge and multiple hours of experience on different types of skin concerns.


My plan is to keep growing and developing, not just professionally, but personally; helping the community and empowering women to become whatever they want to be. I want to help others feel beautiful.” 

– Ana Milne, Owner of Beauty Foundations Clinic

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