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Why Do We Get Dry Skin?

Everyone’s skin is different. Your skin may be dry, oily, or a combination of the two depending on a number of external factors. Dry skin occurs when our skin is not getting enough hydration and natural oil to keep itself healthy and plump, resulting in itchy, flaky and textured patches of skin. There are many situations which may cause, or worsen, dry skin – humidity, hot or cold temperatures, hydration levels and an improper skin care routine are all reasons your skin may be feeling dry. Allowing your skin to stay dry can lead to dullness, buildup of dead skin cells and can even accelerate signs of aging. Wondering how to treat your dry skin? Look no further! 

How To Treat Dry Skin

Stay Hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the most important things you can do to combat dry skin. You should be drinking a healthy amount of water on top of using moisturizing products in your daily skincare routine. Look for products that focus on hydration – ingredients such as lactic and hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ceramides have been proven to help ease symptoms of dry skin. 

A Good Skin Care Routine

A proper skin care routine can make a huge difference. We recommend looking into your skin type and how to treat it – a skin care routine for dry skin will look totally different than a routine for oily skin. People with dry skin should avoid washing their face excessively as you will strip the skin of its natural oils even further, resulting in drier skin. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin cells and always remember to follow up with hydrating moisturizers and serums. You should also be using sunscreen before going outside to protect the skin from painful burns and environmental damage. Not sure which products are right for you? We recommend SkinCeuticals medical grade skin care. 

Start seeing an aesthetician 

We highly recommend investing in monthly facials to help rebalance and resurface your skin. We recommend the hydrafacial for anyone suffering with dry skin as this facial focuses on restoring hydration to the skin while removing dirt and dead skin from clogged pores. Regular facials help ensure the long-term health and success of your skin by using top-tier tools and ingredients to treat both the surface and deeper layers of the skin. This can help produce long lasting results for your skin.

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