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Attention all jetsetters! We love the idea of hopping on a plane and flying to a perfect summer getaway – vacations can do amazing things for our mental health! As many of us have experienced, however, flying can seriously affect the condition of your skin in a short amount of time. You shouldn’t have to worry about breakouts on vacation, so we’re here to suggest some helpful tips and tricks to keep your skin in good shape during your flights. 

Why Our Skin Struggles With Air Travel

Most people don’t realize this, but the combination of cabin pressure, low humidity levels, stress and recycled airplane air can cause your skin to actively lose moisture and break out. Airplanes have pressurized cabins to keep air travel safe – most cabins tend to be pressurized to about 8,000 feet, which is somewhat equivalent to standing on top of a tall mountain. With increased altitude, your skin may experience less blood flow, contributing to a dull complexion and a loss of moisture. Airplane cabins also use recycled air, and are often found to have very low humidity. This causes the skin to lose hydration rapidly and become dry. There are two consequences to this – either the skin will stay dehydrated and become flaky, or it will incur an overproduction of sebum to make up for the loss of moisture. This will cause the skin to feel greasy and often causes serious breakouts. The addition of general travel related stress is the cherry on top to this combination of unique circumstances. 

Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy While Flying

Planning ahead and bringing travel sized versions of your holy grail skincare products is a great way to prepare for a flight. You can find travel sized bottles at any drugstore to fill with your favorites to carry with you on your flight – some brands even offer travel sized versions of their products! Using products that you know your skin reacts well to is essential for travel – complimentary products and samples can irritate your skin. Complete your normal routine aboard your flight, but make sure to be extra generous with your moisturizer. On top of staying hydrated, sunscreen is the key to healthy skin. Increased altitude can lead to higher UV levels, so don’t forget to pack sunscreen. If need be, pack the full sized versions in your checked baggage to guarantee you don’t run out during your trip. 

We all know that staying hydrated has significant benefits to the skin. It helps keep our skin looking radiant and plump by increasing elasticity and, you guessed it, general hydration. Drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to your flight, and during travel, will help to keep your skin in good shape.