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Beauty Foundations Clinic is proud to introduce permanent makeup to our line of services! 

Permanent makeup has evolved exponentially over the past decade. With more interest and support than ever, these services are designed to be convenient by creating permanent solutions to daily practices. Not only are you saving time and money by applying less product, but you will always look and feel your best. We are more than pleased to introduce Neide Rodriquez, a microblading specialist, to our team. Neide is a professional in the field of permanent makeup and specializes in microblading, eyebrow design, ombre brow shading and lip blush. Not sure what that entails? Here is everything you need to know about permanent makeup at Beauty Foundations Clinic!

Permanent brow makeup is a solution for anyone with thin, overplucked, or unstructured eyebrows. Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing practice that fills in eyebrows to help them appear fuller. The process involves using a microblade to create minor incisions that implant pigment in small, hairlike strokes throughout the eyebrow. Microblading differs from conventional tattoos in that much less ink is used, and the results will only last around three years. Microblading experts are trained to design eyebrows that suit your face and colouring to create long lasting, structured brows. 

Alternatively, ombre brow shading offers another solution for sparse eyebrows. While microblading imitates actual hair strokes, ombre shading uses a handheld tool to disperse very fine dots of pigment throughout the brows. This creates a softer, more diffused look – the brows will generally have a higher pigmentation than microblading, but less detail. These two procedures may even be combined to help you build the brows of your dreams!

Lip blush is another form of cosmetic tattooing that focuses on enhancing the natural shape and colour of the lips. Small, cosmetic needles work to deposit pigment onto the lips to build layers of colour for a healthy, rosy look. Lip blush is minimally invasive but highly effective in building natural colour and creating the illusion of fuller lips. This procedure may even be used to correct uneven shape and pigmentation and lasts anywhere from two to five years with proper care. 

Interested in permanent makeup? Reach out to us today with your questions – we’d be more than happy to give you more information!