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You may ask yourself why certain brands of skincare are more expensive than others. With so many options available at the drugstore, what’s the point in investing in higher end products? The answer is simple: the formulations, ingredients and science behind these products are proven to be more effective and healthier for the skin. 

Many products found on the shelves at drugstores contain an excess of parabens, fillers and low quality ingredients containing chemicals that may be harmful to the skin over time. In some cases, the combination of these ingredients may cause the skin to become imbalanced and irritated with continued use. 

Potentially the most significant difference between high end skincare and drugstore products is the concentration of ingredients. The potency can vary wildly, depending on the product. It’s likely that drugstore products will contain the same active ingredients as their more expensive counterparts, however the concentration is likely far less potent than the higher end options. Essentially, they may be targeting the same issues, but the expensive skincare will likely give you better results, and quicker. 

High end products are often formulated with heightened care and consideration, allowing them to suit a wider range of skin types and potential issues. At Beauty Foundations Clinic we trust and recommend SkinCeuticals medical grade skincare. These products are backed by scientific research drawn from decades of study into skin cancer and clinical analyses. Medical grade skincare is used by professionals such as dermatologists, aesthetic surgeons and medical spas to ensure that the best formulations are being used on their clients. 

The bottom line when it comes to skincare is understanding what your skin needs and finding  quality products that work for you. Come into the clinic for a complimentary skin analysis and we can help you to determine which products will be most beneficial for your skin.