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Taking care of your skin is all about balance and consistency. Our skin is our first line of defense and is exposed to dozens of different substances daily – makeup, environmental pollutants, sweat, sunscreen and more. Being conscious of what you put on your face is important, but sometimes we forget the importance of removing it properly. With busy schedules and long days, it can be easy to forget to remove your makeup before bed. Even with a promise of washing your face in the morning, leaving makeup on your skin throughout the night can be detrimental to your skin’s health. 

Why is Removing Makeup Before Bed So Important?

Properly cleansing the face and removing makeup before bed is essential to maintaining your skin’s health and appearance. When we fall asleep with a clean face, we’re providing our skin with vital time needed to repair itself. Overnight our skin works hard to renew and repair itself, allowing for brighter, tighter and smoother skin when we wake up. There are a number of consequences that come with sleeping with makeup on, and we’re here to outline them for you. 

Dull and Dry Skin

Makeup blocks the skin’s natural reparative abilities during the night. It allows products to settle into our pores and dull the skin’s appearance. Blocking your body’s natural renewal process can cause dryness by interfering with the natural shedding of dead skin cells. This leads to dull, flaky and dry skin. Makeup also traps environmental pollutants on your face, with increased exposure heavily linked to premature aging and age spots. Trapping these pollutants on your skin can lead to a decline in collagen production.  


Many makeup products are formulated to contain oils – this can help the products look more natural and dewy. When left on the skin for longer than intended, these oils can build up and settle into our pores, clogging them. This buildup of excess oil and product can throw off the skin’s balance and lead to an increase in blackheads and acne. 

Damaged Eyelashes

Alongside risking possible eye irritation or infection, leaving makeup on your eyes overnight, especially mascara and liquid eyeliners, can quickly cause your eyelashes to become unhealthy. Without proper hygiene and care, leaving makeup on the eyes can cause harmful bacteria to damage your eyelashes. Eyelashes can become brittle, thin and sparse –  making it much harder to wear makeup in the future.

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