MICRODERMABRASION: Exfoliation that’s perfect for freshening up dull skin and returning your glow.

DERMAPLANING: Deep exfoliant that prepares your skin for chemical peels and gets rid of vellus (AKA peach fuzz) hair.

HYDRAFACIAL: Returns hydration to your skin and removes dirt from clogged pores.

DERMA GOLD FACIAL: Returns your facial glow with hydrated and picture ready skin.

CARBON HOLLYWOOD FACIAL: This facial is a favourite for Hollywood stars; it deals with skin imperfections, uneven skin tones and gives you the results of a deep chemical peel without going through the peeling process.

CHEMICAL PEELS: Unveils healthy, bright skin and corrects skin imperfections like sun spots, melasma, large pores, cystic acne, etc.

LASER RESURFACING: Advanced laser treatment that will help your skin to regain an even tone and eliminate dark sun damage.

SUBLATIVE SKIN REJUVENATION: Achieve a more contoured and tight look; treating sagginess and texture of the skin in your eyelids as well as lines around the mouth, neck, knees, etc.

SKIN TIGHTENING & CONTOURING: Radio frequency technology used to contour your face and neck; tightening the skin on your legs, arms, back and abdomen and treating cellulite on legs and glutes.

MICRONEEDLING: One of the most effective anti-aging treatments that will stimulate your skin to produce and reorganize collagen.

BOTOX/DYSPORT: Wrinkle reduction.

DERMAL FILLERS: Volume return.

PRP: Advanced skin rejuvenation.

SKIN REJUVENATION MESOTHERAPY: Deep skin hydration to maintain youthful looking skin.

HAIR GROWTH MESOTHERAPY: Advanced therapy to stimulate hair growth.

DOUBLE CHIN FAT MELTING: Deoxycholic acid injections to permanently destroy fat cells.

HYALURONIC ACID HYDRATION THERAPY: Restores skin hydration and glow.

Industry’s gold standard technology to effectively destroy hair follicles to achieve unwanted hair reduction.  

• Upper Lip •

• Side Burns •

• Chin •

• Underarms •

• Half-Arm or Full-Arm •

• Chest •

• Back •

• Brazilian or Bikini •

• Half legs or full leg •

• Half arms or full arms •

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If you have problem skin or aren’t sure what you need, please call to book a consultation and your practitioner can advise you.

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The Benefits of Treating Your Skin Right

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and your first line of defense against infections and dangerous pathogens (bacteria, virus, or other microorganism that can cause disease). The importance of taking care of your skin goes beyond cosmetic reasoning, most importantly for health reasons. By taking care of your skin with medical grade skin care products, you are helping your skin not only to look healthy and youthful, but also to stay strong and resilient against disease causing pathogens.


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