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Do you feel confident in your smile? 

Think about it – our smile is at the forefront of our first impressions. Often a reflection of who we are, a smile can be indicative of your mood, personality and general outlook. A lack of confidence in your smile can translate easily through body language and make you seem shy or unsure. Others are naturally drawn to people with confident smiles as it instantly makes you seem more self-assured and approachable. Apart from the impression of others, it’s enough to simply want to feel confident.

Let’s talk about how easy it is to stain your teeth. So much of what we eat and drink on a daily basis contributes to the appearance of our smile. Everyday indulgences like tea, coffee, red wine, colas, cigarettes and more all affect the color of our teeth. Staining is gradual, meaning you may not notice at first, however over time these components can leave teeth looking yellow and dull. 

Here at Beauty Foundations Clinic we offer teeth-whitening services that are guaranteed to help restore confidence in your smile. Teeth whitening works in levels and shades, meaning it’s easy to track your progress over several sessions. Your aesthetician will assess the condition of your teeth to determine what shade you are starting and what shade you finish with. To achieve a brighter smile, peroxide gel will be applied to the teeth and a cheek retractor is used to open the mouth. During the 45 minute session you may relax in our luxurious massage chair while your teeth are guaranteed to become three shades lighter. 

If you are interested in creating a confident smile, contact us today to book your teeth whitening appointment.