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This week we’re putting the spotlight on confidence! 

Confidence is often overlooked as a necessary and important part of our lives. It’s what makes us feel good and allows us to live authentically. Confidence looks different for everyone – for some it may be a full face of makeup, rocking a great pair of boots, or feeling well informed and self-assured in the decisions you make. 

The question is –  how do we find ways to feel confident? 

This week our amazing staff here at Beauty Foundations Clinic are going to answer some questions and share their tips and tricks about feeling confident!

Question 1: What is your definition of confidence?

Ana: Confidence is believing in yourself, being true to who you are and standing your ground, knowing you are doing the right things for you and you only! YOU should be the most important person to you. Confidence is feeling good in your own skin and not comparing yourself to others.

Heidi: Confidence is a feeling. Confidence is accepting and believing in yourself. Confidence is feeling your best self without worrying what anyone else thinks.  

Question 2: What makes you feel confident? What do you do to maintain that confidence?

Ana: Taking care of myself and doing things I love, wearing makeup, buying a new outfit, doing my hair, helps me feel confident. I also go to the gym to maintain my confidence as health has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself. If you are working toward being a healthier, better version of you, you will start feeling better about yourself, and with that, comes confidence from within.

Heidi: Doing things to make myself feel good gives me confidence. Never question yourself. If I feel confident and trust in myself it changes my whole mood and attitude.  As an adult I have learned the simple lesson of do what makes YOU happy.

Question 3: Do you feel that the work you do helps others to feel confident? 

Ana: Yes, I feel that helping clients achieve their beauty goals helps them feel more confident. I know for a fact having filler done has made me a more confident person, and many of my friends feel the same way. Doing something like laser hair removal helps clients feel more confident, as they are no longer worried about embarrassing hairs, removing a scar for another example, can lift a huge weight of the shoulders of that person, etc. You never know what makes someone self conscious or what is holding them back, it is the smallest things that can help a client raise their confidence. Rest assured, big or small, Beauty Foundations Clinic is here to help you gain confidence!

Heidi: ABSOLUTELY! Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. There is nothing more rewarding in this industry than helping a client feel good and be confident.