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For our entire lives our skin will act as our first line of defense against harsh UV rays, bitter cold, environmental pollutants and more – it bears the worst of the weather and keeps our body safe. Keeping your skin healthy and youthful is often a lifelong commitment to healthy habits and consistent skincare. Years of trying and buying skincare can seem daunting and expensive, and often puts people off of the experience – that’s why we want to highlight a few products in a routine that are most worth splurging on. 

Taking proper care of your skin can be pricey, so picking and choosing the right products to spend your money on is important and necessary. Knowing what products are worth the investment will help you save in the long run by narrowing down the formulas that will make a difference in your skin on a long term basis. 

Our first choice for skincare worth the investment is sunscreen. Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most important things you can do to preserve the quality of your skin. It is highly effective in preventing accelerated signs of aging, provides moisture to the skin and ultimately protects us from taking on sun damage. Finding the right sunscreen may take time – you have to find the right balance of proper SPF, oiliness, transparency and water resistance. Not every sunscreen will be as effective, so finding the right one is certainly worth the investment. No skincare product will be able to improve your skin as effectively if you are not wearing sunscreen. 

Finding a proper retinoid to add to your routine is important if you are looking for smooth, even and youthful looking skin. More so than most others, retinol is one of the most clinically studied ingredients in the world of skincare and is the most proven active ingredient. When used correctly, retinol is a powerful anti-aging, smoothing and clarifying product. Luckily, finding the right retinol product is much easier than it has been previously. There are many products available over the counter that are able to suit a variety of skin types and concerns. Some may be more gentle, and others more intense, to suit different skin conditions. Investing in a proper, balanced retinol will have significant benefits to the overall appearance of the skin. 

Finally, for some people, investing money towards in-clinic treatments, products and procedures is a better option. Customized facials, laser treatments and injectables are all fast and effective ways to achieve your ultimate skin goals with long term benefits. For example, when treating sun damage or deep set wrinkles, investing in a treatment may be more convenient and fiscally responsible than buying and testing multiple products over the years. For some people it’s more worthwhile to invest in longer term clinical solutions than repeat purchases of expensive high end products. It’s all about your skin condition and needs!