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Starting your skin care journey is often associated with anti-aging and reversing the damage caused by time and the sun. Skin care is useful as a reparative and corrective treatment, however, did you know that it is also incredibly effective to use skincare as a preventative measure? Taking care of your skin from a younger age can make a large difference in the long-term health and appearance of your skin. 

What Age Should We Start Using Skin Care Products?

Skin care doesn’t always have to be complicated – and starting from a young age doesn’t need to be an intimidating process. The start of puberty is generally a good time to start incorporating some light skincare into the everyday routine. Puberty produces an influx of hormones which affect the skin – the production of sebum is increased, causing oily skin, acne and clogged pores. This leads to a buildup of dead skin cells and creates an environment for bacteria to thrive on the face. Rather than jumping straight into the world of aesthetics, starting slow is the ideal way to introduce skin care into a routine. 

What Products Should Be Used?

The best way to explore skin care when you’re young is to keep it simple. A gentle cleanser is a good way to start – cleansing the skin will help control excess oil and sebum production and keep acne at bay. Keeping your face clean is important to maintaining healthy skin as it helps to unblock clogged pores. Adding a moisturizer, or light serum, and sunscreen will complete an ideal routine for a teenager. A moisturizer will help to maintain hydration and elasticity in the skin without overdoing it. Sunscreen is always the most important step, however, as protecting your skin from UV rays will be the most effective way to care for your skin on a long term basis.